Scoring Method

We base all of our reviews on the following “grading rubric” (based on 10 points):


  • Speed and Load Testing We tend to look at numbers, such as TTFB, First Paint, Contentful Paint, etc. We do not base our reviews on the fully-loaded time. 4.5 points.
  • Uptime: What’s the point on having an awesome hosting provider when your site is always down, there’s no point. We are constantly monitoring all the hosting providers we review through and uptimerobot. 2 points.
  • Support: Basically, is the support good? How long does it take them to resolve or answer my query/problem? 1.5 points.
  • Features: Does it have the latest PHP, let’s encrypt, high-performing stack, etc. 1 point.
  • Cost: Is the product (hosting) overvalued, are there any alternatives that offer more for less or vice versa. 1 point.