TL;DR We don’t and we will never change our rating because we receive a higher payout rate (affiliate). We will never mask the truth or our experience.

We will never, ever, change our ratings, hide the truth, or else, for a fee or compensation. Yes, usually every single site will say this, why are we different?

Let’s put it this way, I’ve always, personally, hated slow websites. I come from a 3rd-world country where it’s internet infrastructure isn’t as developed as other countries, in other words, internet back home (I currently live abroad, though, I’m from Venezuela) suck. So, because of this, even though, I no longer live in Venezuela, I have felt how frustrating a slow website can be, especially when you have an extremely slow internet just how I had back in the day.

In the past, I’ve trusted popular review sites, which I will not name (they are extremely popular), in which they recommended certain hosting providers (in this case), in which they “said” they have tested them, loved them, and therefore recommended them because of their speeds, support, pricing, etc. It was all too good to be true, after just a month in (coincidentally after the refund period passed) everything went downhill, speeds were horrible, support was literally useless.

Ever since, I’ve tested a lot of hosting companies, but never crossed my mind to share my personal opinion and truth about each company until, well, I started HostReport.